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Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer

Company Description

Porter Airlines is committed to delivering its signature ‘flying refined’ experience to customers across North America. Effortless travel and genuine hospitality are offered in style and comfort while restoring glamour and refinement to air travel. 


Porter is proud to be an Official 4 Star Airline® in the World Airline Star Rating®.


Visit www.flyporter.com or follow @porterairlines on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Details of growth plans to provide North America-wide service are available at flyporter.com.

Job Details

The Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer role is responsible for the delivery of continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) process of Porter’s applications. The DevOps Engineer should combine an understanding of both engineering and coding. They should be able to analyze development processes, code and deployment artifacts, and the deployed architecture to devise, implement and manage the process of continuous deployment into both test and production environments.

This role will work closely with the Information Technology and Information Systems teams to merge daily tasks involved in the development, quality control, deployment, and integration of software development into a single, continuous set of processes.


  • Analyze current technology utilized within the company and develop steps and processes to improve and expand upon them

  • Establish milestones for necessary contributions from departments and develop processes to facilitate their collaboration

  • Assist other department engineers in creating practical demonstrations of proposed solutions and demonstrating them to other members of the team

  • Provide detailed specifications for proposed solutions including materials, manpower and time necessary

  • Provide clear goals for all areas of a project and develop steps to oversee their timely execution

  • Work closely with engineering professionals within the company to maintain hardware and software needed for projects to be completed efficiently

  • Mentor and train other engineers throughout the company and seek to continually improve processes companywide

  • Work alongside project management teams to successfully monitor progress and implementation of initiatives

  • Analyze current development code repositories and build processes, make recommendations and implement improvements to the deployment processes to align to a modern CI/CD pipeline

  • Analyze deployed infrastructure to assess the optimal way that applications should be deployed

  • Manage release deployment process for the FlyPorter web application and any other systems for which a CI/CD process is appropriate

  • Collaborate with peers within development, quality assurance, technology operations, business analysis and project management to develop and ensure best practices and principles for CI/CD are implemented and followed

  • Provide detailed specifications for proposed solutions including time and scope involved

  • Work with peers in the technical operations team to maintain hardware and software needed for projects to be completed efficiently

  • Recommend performance enhancements by performing gap analysis, identifying alternative solutions, and assisting with modifications.

  • Review and maintain all DevOps development work ensuring that technical/functional documentation and solution designs are accurately prepared, maintained, and cataloged.

  • Act as a point of contact for technical and functional issues as well as high priority requests.

  • Actively investigate new DevOps technologies and make recommendations to management regarding best practices, system reliability and performance and find cost-effective solutions 

  • Actively participates in Porter’s Safety Management System (SMS) including, reporting hazards and incidents encountered in daily operations; understand, comply and promote the Company Safety Policy



  • Concern for Safety: Identifying hazardous or potentially hazardous situations and taking appropriate action to maintain a safe environment for self and others.

  • Teamwork: Working collaboratively with others to achieve organizational goals.

  • Passenger/Customer Service: Providing service excellence to internal customers

  • Initiative: Dealing with situations and issues proactively and persistently, seizing opportunities that arise.

  • Results Focus: Focusing efforts on achieving high quality results consistent with the organization’s standards.

  • Fostering Communication: Listening and communicating openly, honestly, and respectfully with different audiences, promoting dialogue and building consensus.

  • Exemplifying Integrity: Treating others fairly, honestly, and respectfully, furthering the integrity of the organization and its relationships of trust with team members and the broader community.

  • Inspiring Others: Energizing and inspiring others to strive for excellence and commit to common goals and purposes, creating a sense of self-efficacy, resilience, and persistence in followers.

  • Leading Change: Recognizing the need for change, being open to new ideas and methods, and championing transformational change within the organization and beyond.



  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering (or equivalent) preferred

  • 3+ years technology experience with hands-on Sysop and DevOps experience

  • Strong knowledge and experience with Agile methodology and/or an established release protocol

  • Experience with working on multiple concurrent developments in a fast pace environment

  • Experience developing engineering applications for a large corporation

  • Current understanding of best practices regarding system security measures

  • Proven ability to implement and execute on DevOps processes in other companies

  • Proven experience developing CI/CD solutions using a Microsoft .NET software stack and Microsoft server technologies

  • Demonstrated experience with microservices architecture

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science or Software Engineering is preferred

  • Professional experience and a high-level understanding of working with various operating systems and their implications

  • Advanced and creative problem solving skills

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills 

  • Ability to understand and communicate the business impact of technical issues

  • Experience collaborating with application development teams, project managers, application and enterprise architects, application technical leads, vendor partners (both onsite and offshore), and other application development teams

  • Curious and inquisitive with strong analytic and decision making abilities

  • Motivated and self-starter

  • Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination


  • Full stack experience in all stages of the software development life cycle including architecture, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

  • Experience with Amazon Web Services 

  • Experience with source control management systems and continuous integration/deployment environments, preferably using Bitbucket with GIT.

  • Knowledge of configuration management and development tools

  • Experience with microservices architecture

  • Experience in a Microsoft environment, including PowerShell scripting, configuring IIS, MS SQL, scheduled tasks, services, etc.

  • Experience in a Linux environment including bash scripting, nginx, RabbitMQ, Redis

  • Experience with issue tracking and resolution systems such as JIRA.

  • Experience with change process management.

LOCATION: Toronto (250 Yonge Street)

  • November 2, 2022
  • 76-89-09


We are sorry, but this opportunity is no longer available.
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