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Manager, FBO

Company Description

Porter Airlines is committed to delivering its signature ‘flying refined’ experience to customers across North America. Effortless travel and genuine hospitality are offered in style and comfort while restoring glamour and refinement to air travel. 


Porter is proud to be an Official 4 Star Airline® in the World Airline Star Rating®.


Visit www.flyporter.com or follow @porterairlines on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Details of growth plans to provide North America-wide service are available at flyporter.com.

Job Details

This position reports to the Senior Manager, FBO, GSE, Facilities and Building Infrastructure.  The Manager, FBO is responsible for overseeing and managing the Porter FBO team, including all tenant offices, hangars, the FBO facilities, the fuel farm, client contracts and the overall administration and staffing requirements of the operation. 


  • Develop and implement strategies in order to grow and maximize FBO revenues.

  • Maintain positive relationships and a collaborative approach with all Porter FBO tenants.

  • Manage, direct, discipline and oversee the personal growth of all FBO staff

  • Introduce communication and collaborative strategies within the group to promote team-building and enhance employee involvement.

  • Manage the employee work schedules and payroll.

  • Conduct employee performance reviews.

  • Maintain invoicing and follow-up of outstanding lease/rental agreements. 

  • Develop and manage annual budgets, monitor monthly financials and control operating expenses.

  • Manage Fuel Farm dealer compliance and audit issues.

  • Manage audits from commercial clients and government regulators. Implement and communicate corrective actions when necessary.

  • Manage FBO contractors for the lounge, trucks and fuel farm.

  • Ensure regulatory inspections, calibrations, and certifications are completed on time, filed appropriately, and easily accessed.

  • Manage inventories of fuel to ensure adequate supplies of all fuel types.

  • Ensure that all staff are trained in their duties and training records are kept current and on file.

  • Actively participate in Porter’s Safety Management System (SMS) including reporting hazards and incidents encountered in daily operations; understand, comply and promote the Company Safety Policy.

  • Consistently seek and attain additional revenue opportunities

  • Act as FBO liaison with all airport stakeholders and all Porter Airlines team members.

  • Continuous review of training programs, identify inefficiencies and implement changes in the training products, content and processes.

  • Ensure all manuals are kept accessible and updated as required.

  • Other duties as required 


  • Concern for Safety: Identifying hazardous or potentially hazardous situations and taking appropriate action to maintain a safe environment for self and others.

  • Teamwork: Working collaboratively with others to achieve organizational goals.

  • Passenger/Customer Service: Providing service excellence to internal and/or external customers (passengers).

  • Initiative: Dealing with situations and issues proactively and persistently, seizing opportunities that arise.

  • Results Focus: Focusing efforts on achieving high quality results consistent with the organization’s standards.

  • Fostering Communication: Listening and communicating openly, honestly, and respectfully with different audiences, promoting dialogue and building consensus.

  • Exemplifying Integrity: Treating others fairly, honestly, and respectfully, furthering the integrity of the organization and its relationships of trust with team members and the broader community.

  • Inspiring Others: Energizing and inspiring others to strive for excellence and commit to common goals and purposes, creating a sense of self-efficacy, resilience, and persistence in followers. 

  • People Leadership: Assuming a leadership role in helping others achieve excellent results.

  • Leading Change: Recognizing the need for change, being open to new ideas and methods, and championing transformational change within the organization and beyond.



  • A minimum of 5 years relevant management experience.

  • Knowledge of FBO operation an asset.

  • Financial acumen and organizational skills are mandatory.

  • Previous sales or marketing experience preferred.

  • Strong troubleshooting and communication skills are essential.

  • Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination

LOCATION: Toronto (Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport - YTZ)

  • November 10, 2022
  • 61-07-71


We are sorry, but this opportunity is no longer available.
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