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Standards Specialist, Catering Operations

Company Description

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Job Details


The Standards Specialist, Catering Operations is responsible for maintaining catering standards for Porter’s E195-E2 fleet of Aircraft and assists in managing third party catering and last mile relationships. The position is responsible for maintaining the standards at all Porter E195-E2 hubs and outstations. This position reports to the Manager - Catering Operations






  • Participate with the YTZ Catering department on Catering initiatives




  • Assist the Manager- Catering Operations and Inventory Specialist in forecasting Catering department needs including all perishable and non perishable requirements for Hubs

  • Manage and troubleshoot the on board Point of Sale and Buy on board program currently provided by IFCS.

  • Assist the Manager - Catering Operations in developing budgets for the E195-E2 fleet

  • Assist in monitoring waste from the Reserve Catering offering and the Buy on board program and suggest ways to reduce.

  • Reconcile the POS receipts against inventory used on a per flight basis.


Other Duties


  • Recommend E195-E2 Galley planning and load adjustments implemented through IFCS software with the Catering Process Senior Specialist

  • Assist in amending Catering Manuals for the E195-E2 in conjunction with the Manager - Catering Operations and Senior Catering Process Specialist

  • Assist with product development

  • Manage product substitutions locally and system wide

  • Through the use of IFCS software track and assist in responding to catering complaints initiated through Inflight Cabin .Crew and any passenger complaints

  • Through consumption analytics and the Catering process Specialist recommend galley loading changes.and assist in tracking waste

  • Identify areas where cost efficiencies can be recognized

  • Perform onboard flight checks,

  • Perform daily walk inspections with the Last mile provider located at YYZ , other Hubs and occasional travel to out station last mile providers for inspections to ensure SOP compliance

  • Provide insight and suggest Buy onboard product alignment

  • Ensure product specifications are correct through on site audits

  • Coordinate 3rd party microbiological testing

  • External correspondence with 3rd Party Catering kitchens, last mile providers and suppliers

  • Actively participate in Porter’s Safety Management System (SMS) including, reporting hazards and incidents encountered in daily operations; understand, comply and promote the Company Safety Policy

  • Any other duties as assigned



  • Concern for Safety - Identifying hazardous or potentially hazardous situations and taking appropriate action to maintain a safe environment for self and others

  • Teamwork - Working collaboratively with others to achieve organizational goals

  • Customer Service - Providing service excellence to internal and/or external customers (passengers)

  • Initiative - Dealing with situations and issues proactively and persistently, seizing opportunities that arise

  • Results Focused - Focusing efforts on achieving high-quality results consistent with the organization’s standards

  • Fostering Communication - Listening and communicating openly, honestly, and respectfully with different audiences, promoting dialogue and building consensus



  • Solid airline catering background with a minimum of 5 years relevant work experience

  • Must be able to obtain and hold required security clearances

  • Previous experience required in handling numerous responsibilities and prioritizing workloads

  • Knowledge of Food safety and Catering protocols in an airline or an airline Catering Dept

  • Must be able to work airport operational hours and rotating shifts when required

  • Fluency in French would be an asset

  • Superior oral and written communication skills

  • Energetic and a self-starter

  • Computer skills in Google Workspace and Microsoft Office

  • Excellent interpersonal skills

  • Ability to travel

  • Mandatory COVID 19 Vaccination 

LOCATION: Toronto (Toronto Pearson International Airport YYZ)

  • November 9, 2022
  • 55-82-04


We are sorry, but this opportunity is no longer available.
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